How web stories can improve your Shopify store

How web stories can improve your Shopify store

Written by Editorial Staff

August 24, 2022

When faced with all the features that Shopify gives, store owners are often stumped. After all, there are so many different templates to consider and design choices to make that even experienced designers need some time to take it all in. Well, among all the available design choices, there is one we would like you to consider. Namely, as our satisfied customers can verify, web stories can improve your Shopify store and make it that much more engaging and alluring. In this article, we will explore how web stories can help your Shopify store.

Different ways in which Web Stories can improve your Shopify store

Seeing that they are fairly new when it comes to marketing content, web stories are often underutilized by designers. People are well aware of how eye-catching web stories can be. But, most are yet to connect the dots to how web stories can be used for commercial purposes. Mind you, while we will mainly focus on web stories and their connection to Shopify, we would like you to consider their overall use. Most of what we’ll mention can easily be used in the context of standard web design and online marketing. Therefore, if you haven’t so far, consider researching web stories and seeing how effective visual content can be in modern marketing.

Increased Engagement

Finding new and interesting ways to engage customers is one of the main goals of every store owner. How you approach engaging them will depend on your store. After all, you need to understand both your brand and your customer base. But, if you do have an idea of what design style your customers will find appealing, you can easily use web stories to great benefit.

Unfortunately, while we have ideas of why web stories are so effective, we can’t say that we are completely sure. No one is. But, luckily, you don’t have to be. All you have to do is to look at marketing results and enjoy the increase in revenue. The combination of visual design, bite-sized content, and interactivity makes web stories great content for boosting user engagement. Both reading and interacting with web stories are fairly easy, which is why most Shopify customers enjoy seeing them.

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Informing your customers

You can also use web stories as an easy way to inform your customers about specific products. While you can do this also with written content, know that it shouldn’t be your first choice. A customer has to be quite interested in a certain product to read up about it. If you use web stories, your customers only need to have a superficial interest in your product. A simple, well-crafted web story can tell them all they need to know about a specific product.

When trying to outline the proper use of a product, we strongly recommend that you rely more on visual elements, and less on written content. StorifyMe allows you to easily implement visual elements into existing templates. Therefore, it should be fairly easy to make a visual representation of a product, and not rely solely on written content.

Another option is to include videos in web stories. While videos are fairly easy to make nowadays, we would advise you to do a bit more research into what makes a video suitable for web stories. The aspect ratio that you use, the length of the video, the filters that you opt for… You need to take all these aspects into consideration in order to make a decent video for your Shopify store. Finally, you need to keep your brand in mind and ensure that your brand presence is easily noticeable, yet not intrusive.

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Getting Customer Data

One of the things Shopify owners might struggle with is finding declared data. For those that are new to marketing analytics, declared data is the data that the customer willingly provides. Email info, personal descriptions, general impressions… Things of that nature. It is important to distinguish declared data from inferred data, which is the customer info you collect without their knowledge. Behavioral patterns, item preferences, time spent on specific pages… While Shopify does give you certain ways to gather inferred data, it doesn’t really give you an easy way to gather declared data. Luckily, this is where web stories can help.

Email marketing

Whatever question you wish to present to your customers, you can easily present it within a story content. A web story will put them in the right mood, and easily explain why the customer should go through the trouble of providing declared data. Shopify customers always enjoy a discount offer or a more personalized shopping experience. And if you put those offers within the context of a web story, you are bound to capture the customer’s attention.

Ease of Use

With all that we’ve mentioned so far, you may feel that web stories are fairly difficult to create. After all, designing and including all those visual elements can’t be easy. Especially if you wish that it all looks well, and is well incorporated with your brand. Well, you’ll be relieved to hear that it has never been easier to create web stories. With StorifyMe, even a complete newcomer to content creation can create web stories. By using one of our many templates, you can find the style that will work well within your Shopify store. And if you do some research, you can even learn how to weave your branding in properly.

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.If all this sounds complicated, know that you can always hire a professional designer to create a few templates for you. That way, you will simply need to fill out your web stories with important content, and add visual elements according to the designer’s advice. So, while it is beneficial to have a visual designer on retainer, know that it is by no measure mandatory. Once you are done creating your web store, StorifyMe will export it as a widget. That way you can easily add it to both your Shopify store and website.

Final thoughts

While web stories can improve your Shopify store it is important to note that you need to know how to make quality web stories. Just like with any other type of content, you need to make your web stories with branding in mind and provide clear and concise information through them. One of the main difficulties will be choosing the right images for your stories, and connecting them with the rest of the design. This is why we encourage you to start experimenting as soon as possible. StorifyMe gives you the ability to create web stories for free. Therefore, there is hardly a reason why you shouldn’t start creating them right now. The sooner you start, the more you will learn.

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